Centre for Energy Sciences (CES)

(Scope of Research:) -alternative fuel -engine performance and emission mitigation -thermo fluids -solar energy -lube oil testing characteristic -metals corrosion and polymerization -power electronics and electrical machines. (Objectives:) -To act as a research platform to govern R&D on energy sciences those are mostly related to energy and environment. -To serve on specific needs obtained from interaction and collaboration amongst multidisciplinary expertise such as science, engineering and technology. -To develop indigenous renewable energy sources as well as their maximize conservation in machinery system. -Performance evaluation of high temperature materials used for stress corrosion, fatigue of creep and materials conversion. -Studies on dynamic corrosion, development of protection schemes & high temperature wear resistant materials, improved wear chemistry studies. -To develop indigenous non-renewable energy sources such as improvement of power electronic & electrical efficiency and management system. -To train human resources and to improve laboratory facilities in related to energy sciences research activities.

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